Group Operations

Group Operations is building a world-class operations platform for the Zurich Group. By managing Global Business Services, IT, Sourcing & Procurement, Group Project Management Office & Operational Improvement and Internal Consulting under one global umbrella, Group Operations provides efficient, high-quality shared services to our business segments worldwide.

Through this global approach, Group Operations strengthens Zurich’s core functions and makes the same level of expert knowledge and skills available wherever they are most needed. This makes our businesses more flexible and helps them deliver one consistent Zurich experience to our customers, while contributing significantly to business outcomes and improving efficiency.

Group Operations is also the Group-wide owner and driver of Zurich’s transformation efforts, coordinating change and providing critical capabilities, notably through The Zurich Way (TZW). As our headline transformational program since 2004, TZW was repositioned in 2013 to create a competitive edge and aid efficiency by reducing complexity and enhancing our global capabilities. We are doing this by selecting, improving and systematically rolling out our core capabilities that provide a standardized way of working and uniform processes across the Group. This enables Zurich to create global standards that all our employees can embrace: standards that represent the way we do business at Zurich.

Enhancing capabilities: The Zurich Way

Enhancing capabilities: The Zurich Way

Find out about The Zurich Way,  our headline transformational program since 2004.


Virtual desktops

A world of possibilities

Find out how we use virtual desktops.  

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