Zurich's business strategy 2014-2016

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Zurich’s strategy for 2014–2016 is designed to deliver sustainable, profitable growth in a changing and more competitive business environment. It builds on our strengths. It places customers and their needs at the center of our business.

To take Zurich to the next level, we’re focusing more closely on the markets and customer segments where we have a competitive edge: those where we can offer a superior value proposition to our customers. We’re investing for growth in mature and emerging markets with the highest potential, managing other businesses for value, and growing operating earnings by further reducing complexity and operational costs while extracting additional profits from our business and investments.

Working together as One Zurich, we aim to offer corporate, commercial mid-market and retail customers a superior service and products tailored to their requirements. We’re doing this by striving to understand their needs, investing in the capabilities required, increasing our visibility through advertising, measuring our success and using the knowledge we have gained across the business.

We’re investing in our people and making Zurich a great place to build a career. We’re investing in the systems and processes we need to understand our customers, serve them in the way they prefer, increase collaboration and improve efficiency.

The Zurich brand is bringing us closer to our individual and business customers, positioning Zurich as the intelligent choice for those who wish to protect the people and things they truly love. And in line with our strategy, we’re doing business responsibly.

The way to success will be the flawless and relentless execution of our strategic plan to build a more competitive, more successful Zurich – a business that will be recognized as the best in its chosen markets, worldwide.

We summarize our strategy under the headings ‘who we are, what we do and how we do it’. ‘Who we are’ is about our purpose and identity. ‘What we do’ describes the markets and customers we serve. ‘How we do it’ defines the enablers of success.

Who we are

Who we are

Founded in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich is one of the world’s most experienced insurers. Our customers choose Zurich to protect the people and things they love because they value our knowledge, expertise and stability.

At Zurich, we’re in business to help our customers understand and protect themselves from risk. Risk is part of everyone’s life. Individuals, families, businesses and communities can prosper only when they are protected against critical risks. We help our customers to manage the risks they face, making their lives more secure and helping them to grow their businesses.

We care about our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work. We need the trust and support of these stakeholders to achieve our goals. We want them to see Zurich as the best insurer so that we can grow profitably, attract talented people, retain the support of our investors and build our reputation as a responsible company.

We believe that our values make us a stronger business. That’s why we emphasize integrity, customer centricity, excellence, sustainable value creation and teamwork in all that we do.

Zurich’s culture keeps us focused on the execution of our strategy while upholding our values and the commitment we have made to our stakeholders.

The Zurich Commitment

What we do

What we do

At Zurich, we’re focusing our investments on markets with the highest potential, including mature and emerging markets.

We’ve set clear priorities that will enable us to build on our distinctive market positions in corporate, commercial mid-market and select retail markets.

We’re managing other businesses for value. This means optimizing Global Life in-force books and maximizing returns in our smaller General Insurance markets, while turning around or exiting underperforming businesses.

We take a focused approach to customers. That means understanding the needs of the customer segments we can serve profitably with superior propositions. We’re investing in the capabilities needed to serve them and ensure we’re visible through targeted advertising. We measure our success and use the knowledge we have gained right across our business.

Working together as One Zurich, we aim to offer our customers a superior service and products tailored to their requirements.

How we do it

How we do it

Zurich’s strategy is clear about the ‘enablers of success’ – actions we need to take to achieve our objectives.

Zurich needs to be lean, efficient and profitable to deliver on our strategy. That means reducing complexity and improving operating margins. Our shared operational services support these goals.

We’re investing in our people and building a culture that is focused on the execution of our strategy – one in which our employees will feel motivated, challenged and proud to be part of Zurich.

Our digital and IT strategies will enable us to analyze market opportunities, serve our customers in the way they prefer and make use of social media. The Zurich Way program aids efficiency by creating a common way of working, based on global capabilities.

We’re investing in the Zurich brand, including brand metrics in priority markets. And as we drive for profitable growth we’re acting responsibly in all we do, in line with our strategy.

Zurich Basics and The Zurich Commitment will continue to guide our actions with respect to our four key stakeholders groups: our customers, our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.