Our values shape Zurich’s culture and define who we are. They are also a key differentiating factor in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our commitment to integrity, customer centricity, sustainable value creation, excellence and teamwork fosters trust with our shareholders and our customers. This commitment allows us to attract and retain the highest caliber employees and encourages the dialogue necessary for innovation and growth. It nurtures talent and mitigates internal risks through openness and transparency. It helps us secure the support of regulators and the investment community.

As such, our values are a critical component of our success. They have stood us in good stead for more than 135 years and provide a sound foundation for future growth that underpins the strength of our brand.

We believe that this focus is encapsulated in our aspiration to become the best insurance company in the world as measured by our customers, shareholders and employees, rather than by a purely mathematical function such as market capitalization or policies sold.

Our values are not merely aspirations or fondly held ideals. They can be seen every day in the way we conduct our business and in our dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen. They are reflected in our economic success, low staff turnover, customer retention, growing customer base, and in our participation in industry groups and the wider community.

Our core values are:


To treat everyone fairly and honestly. To comply with all applicable laws, regulations and internal policies.

Customer centricity

To put our customers at the heart of all we do. To utilize our global scale to turn insights and observations into useful ideas that we put to work for our customers.


To aim for the highest quality and strive for continuous improvement in all that we do. To find new ways of solving problems. To test what we do and how we do it for fairness, diversity, trust, and mutual respect.


To work together as one team…one Zurich. Collaborating and applying our global insights to deliver the best for our stakeholders. To value our diverse, talented workforce; and support them so that they can contribute to their full potential.

Sustainable value creation

To create and sustain value for our customers, our shareholders, our people and society. To maintain a culture of precision, stability and reliability that instills confidence and trust in our commitment to deliver when it matters – now and in the future.

A key component of sustainable value creation, and indeed of all our values, is our commitment to a high standard of corporate responsibility. We proactively address environmental, social and governance issues. We focus on long-term success over short-term gains, and aspire to be agile and to manage change smoothly along the way.