You're a recent graduate

...and looking for your first big opportunity. Zurich Insurance Group is the right choice for you if you're well qualified and motivated, and want to take yourself to new heights at the same time as contributing to building a leading global insurance brand. You'd like to work for a company that thinks differently and wants to use your unique talent.

What we're looking for

People who:

  • Have a demonstrated track record in their chosen course of study
  • Have taken initiative in gaining work experience as well
  • Have the drive and passion for success
  • Have the self-belief to make it happen
  • Care to make a real difference

Within our culture you're expected to:

  • Treat others with respect
  • Care and respect the dignity of those we work with and those we serve
  • Believe in equal opportunity, fair evaluations and rewards Based on performance and merit
  • Value our gender, cultural, racial and other diversity
  • Communicate professionally even when we disagree
On-the-job training

You can expect to build on the existing talent you bring to our organization with support from Zurich in the form of development opportunities that meet both your needs and Zurich's including support for professional qualifications. This will help you develop the leadership, technical and business skills required to build your career in a business and environment that provides plenty of challenge.

Local programs

Some countries have specially developed programs for those who've just finished school. Examples are:

Australia: Business cadetship

If you're in Australia and seeking financial study assistance at the same time as gaining practical work experience and invaluable insight into the operations of a global insurance organization, the cadetship program in Australia may be made for you. You can fast-track your career in financial services by getting industry experience while you study with the support of a successful, global company. Roles on offer at Zurich with this extra payback are in the investment management, life insurance and general insurance areas.

United Kingdom: Graduate Development Programme

In the UK, your potential role could be based at any one of many UK sites, including Birmingham, Cheltenham, Fareham, Farnborough, Leeds, London, and Swindon. Flexibility on location and mobility are essential. All graduates recruited take on a permanent, full-time position from day one. The UK offers opportunities for graduates in a variety of professional careers areas throughout the UK.

To find out more about these and other programs on offer, please contact Zurich in your location.


In some countries Zurich offers internships to help you get a first foot on the ladder to insurance success. You work on projects with real-world applications, with the purpose of coming up with fresh ideas. You'll be able to access some of the most valued and comprehensive industry training you'll find anywhere in the world.

If you decide to make it with Zurich, our brand will add serious weight to your resume/CV.

To find out more about internship opportunities, please contact Zurich in your country.

Online job search

You can search and apply online for jobs in many Zurich locations around the world, or use contact details provided on the country websites.
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