Corporate responsibility

Creating sustainable value

Our wider contribution to society is not separable from our business.
It is part of how we do business."

Corporate responsibility is a key ingredient of our strategy. It is about sustainable value creation, one of our core values, as set out in our code of conduct. We aim to create sustainable value for each of our main stakeholder groups by addressing relevant environmental, social and governance issues.

Insuring against risk and investing responsibly

Our flood resilience program taps into our insurance expertise in protecting against the risks posed by natural disasters, including floods. Our responsible investment program grew out of another of our core competencies: our role as one of the world’s largest institutional investors. And our work with corporate customers on corporate responsibility risks is a natural extension of our market position as one of the world’s most prominent corporate and commercial insurers.

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In 2012

our company announced that it will invest USD 100 million in the Z Zurich Foundation.


Female workforce participation: 52.6%
Female participation in Leadership Team: 16.0 %

USD 35.6 million:

Initial Z Zurich Foundation investment in the 2013 flood resilience program launched by Zurich.

Our seven focus areas:

01 Helping communities reduce the impact of floods

Floods affect more people globally than any other type of natural disaster and cause some of the largest economic, social and humanitarian losses.

02 Investing our financial assets responsibly

At Zurich, responsible investment is about managing our portfolio of over USD 200 billion in assets to create sustainable value or, in other words: to do well and do good. 'Well' means generating superior risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of Zurich's policyholders and shareholders, and 'good' means generating positive impact for the benefit of society and the communities in which we live and work.

03 Ensuring responsible and sustainable business practices

We work with our customers, brokers and other distribution partners to ensure responsible and sustainable business practices.

After a flood is really just before the next flood

Two recently published research papers reveal the need for a radical rethinking on flood resilience.

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Up to USD 2 billion to help communities

Zurich looks to become largest global green bonds investor with an initial target of USD 2 billion. This is a part of Zurich’s overall responsible investment strategy. 

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