Claims services

Swift and transparent claim assistance wherever you need it

Every customer claim is an opportunity to truly deliver when it matters. The moment you report a claim, our global claims team of 8,000 professionals will swing into action, delivering swift and transparent claims assistance wherever you need it. 


Benefit from combined global experience and local knowledge

We will tailor our claims process to give you the assistance you need while helping you to reduce your claims costs, and thus your total cost of risk, over time.
Throughout your claims process, you will be assigned an international claims practitioner with up-to-date knowledge of your territory and your industry sector. 

This allows us to deliver consistent claims attention and support to the same Zurich global standard anywhere in the world.  

Working with experienced claim professionals

Zurich maintains centers of expertise on claims, this means you will always be partnering with a professional that has experienced similar claims many times.

Centers of expertise

  • Global centers of excellence for special expertise in mass litigation, large losses, financial lines, catastrophe (CAT) losses, fraud and subrogation.
  • Special investigative unit teams in both North America and Europe to help customers reduce the incidence and costs of insurance fraud.
  • Most countries have major loss teams tasked with handling complex property and liability claims.
  • A central technical center of excellence for property and liability claims, which works with all countries on complex claims.

Products and services vary by country

Because the needs of our customers are different, our products and services also vary around the world. Insurance and financial products and services are provided by licensed members of the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich). Not all products or services listed are available in all jurisdictions or to all customers. Please contact your local Zurich office for details about the relevant products and services in your country. No warranties or guarantees are being made by Zurich based on statements on this website.

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