Risk engineering

Risk engineering

With a global network of over 900 risk engineers and safety specialists, with the experience of over 800 risk engineering global programs in over 39 countries, Zurich offers one of the world´s most versatile and capable risk management support services. 

Risk engineering

Our customer engagement 

Global coverage, flexibility and consistent quality, in the world of risk engineering, these values are crucial. 

They are values that our Risk Engineers deliver with every customer engagement.

Risk engineering

Risk engineering

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Risk engineering

Lanxess AG, one of the leading specialty chemical groups in Germany, took over three rubber production units in Brazil. To achieve global standards in operational practices around fire protection and process safety itasked Zurich Risk Engineering to identify areas for improvement and for help to create an action plan.

Zurich Risk Engineering also carried out operator training and risk reduction sessions. Overall safety at the sites improved significantly as a result.

With Zurich we have a very open and cooperative atmosphere and dialogue with lively and positive discussions.

Lanxess AG

Zurich Japan has had a long relationship with IKEA. 
Almost immediately after the tragic earthquake on March 11th, 2011, IKEA contacted Hisashi, our Risk Engineer from Zurich’s Tokyo office, asking for support in assessing our affected stores and assistance in resuming operations. 
Despite public transportation having not yet fully recovered from the earthquake, Hisashi used a combination of his personal bicycle as well as taxis to reach the sites, complete thorough assessments with accompanying reports, all within a few days.

His personal and professional commitment allowed IKEA to reopen for business quickly and reduce financial impact.


Risk engineering

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