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Today's challenging economy has created volatility across all industries.  Attorneys and Notaries must be increasingly thoughtful and thorough in managing their law businesses.  An important area often overlooked is professional liability insurance.


The Zurich Advantage

Zurich's Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance program is managed by legal liability professionals with experience handling liability risks for attorneys and law practices.  The long-term experience of Zurich helps provide the security an attorney needs against both frivolous and meritorious claims. 

Zurich's Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance program offers malpractice insurance and a complimentary risk management service to help you mitigate your professional liability risk.  In addition, Zurich's value added services - a legal research tool and hotline enhance attorney's legal research capabilities and provide access to legal counsel when potential malpractice issues arise.

Coverage highlights:

  • Broad definition of legal services
  • Coverage for current attorneys and current staff
  • Coverage for "of counsel" and past attorneys and staff for work done on behalf of the firm
  • Coverage for an insured's estate, heirs, executors, administrators, assigns and legal representatives
  • Full prior acts coverage for qualifying attorneys
  • Lateral hire coverage
  • Innocent partner coverage
  • Reduced pricing for part-time attorneys and "moonlighting" attorneys
  • Conditional coverage for extended reporting periods due to death or disability at no additional cost
  • Unconditional coverage for extended reporting periods for any attorney leaving the private practice of law to become either a state or federal judge, at no additional cost
  • Optional coverage for other extended reporting periods
  • Optional benefits for an additional premium for qualifying firms
  • Broad range of limits and deductibles
  • Zurich provides an independent loss prevention hotline and Web site.
  • Zurich 24/7 claims reporting hotline
  • Faster insurance quotes
  • Strong, reliable coverage
  • VersusLaw Premium Legal Research Plan access


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