Captive services

Products and services vary by country.*

Zurich has been engaged in the international captive services business for over two decades, and is currently managing more than 200 captive frontings, involving around 350 cessions worldwide.

If your risk management strategy includes a captive insurer, you need the help of advisers who not only understand the complexities involved, but who also have the infrastructure and experience to help you to implement solid solutions across borders.

Zurich can provide the know-how, infrastructure and flexibility to help you succeed in today’s fast-changing risk management environment by achieving optimal value generation from your captive.

As a captive customer, you can also benefit from our international programs solutions and our network capabilities in establishing and servicing compliant international captive programs in over 180 countries.

Our expertise is represented internationally at regional hubs and we do provide services in the area of:

  • Fronting
  • Quantitative risk analysis (QRA)
  • Captive management and consulting
  • Tailor-made captive aggregates
  • Management of reinsurance agreements
  • Loss portfolio transfer
  • Rent-a-Captive (CRISS)
  • Other captive services


Quantitative risk analysis (QRA) seeks to help you achieve an optimal and efficient risk retention strategy taking into account Solvency II requirements (for European Union based captives).

Whether you are new to captives or your company already owns one, Zurich's customized solutions will help you make the design and implementation of a captive solution as easy as possible, with the support of our cross-border teams which include captive specialists and professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds.


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* Because the needs of our customers are different, our products and services also vary around the world. Insurance and financial products and services are provided by licensed members of the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich). Not all products or services listed are available in all jurisdictions or to all customers. Please contact your local Zurich office for details about the relevant products and services in your country. No warranties or guarantees are being made by Zurich based on statements on this website.



















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