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Products and services vary by country.*

With a global network of over 900 risk engineers and safety specialists, with the experience of over 800 risk engineering global programs in over 39 countries, Zurich offers one of the world most versatile and capable risk management support services.

Zurich Risk Engineers identify, assess and improve risks with a wide range of services aimed at helping you reduce losses and overall cost of risk. The local know-how of our Risk Engineers means that they understand the language, culture and customs wherever you need their help, while providing a consistent service by working to the same standards wherever we are in the world.

You will have a single point of contact including a well-defined service plan and regular reviews to discuss performance, trends and future objectives. You’ll also have access to your risk data through our on-line portal, benchmarking services, risk insights and the latest thought leadership, helping you work together with us to identify new risk reduction trends in your industry and ways to reduce your total cost of risk.

Global coverage, flexibility and consistent quality, in the world of risk engineering, these values are crucial. They are values that Zurich Risk Engineers deliver with every customer engagement.

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* Because the needs of our customers are different, our products and services also vary around the world. Insurance and financial products and services are provided by licensed members of the Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich). Not all products or services listed are available in all jurisdictions or to all customers. Please contact your local Zurich office for details about the relevant products and services in your country. No warranties or guarantees are being made by Zurich based on statements on this website.


Only you can make your workplace safe. Any risk management duties of your company cannot be delegated and Zurich Insurance Group Ltd or any of its subsidiaries (hereinafter ‘Zurich’) accepts no delegation and cannot assume any of those risk management duties and/or decisions.
Zurich will assist you by providing the specific risk management consulting and services for which you have contracted. However, Zurich makes no warranties in conjunction with those services, and it undertakes no obligations other than as set out in the contract.
All information contained in this Application has been compiled and obtained from sources believed to be reliable and credible but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made by Zurich as to their accuracy or completeness. Some of the information contained herein may be time sensitive. Thus, you should consult the most recent referenced material.
Information relating to risk services is intended as a general description of certain types of risk and/or risk mitigation services available to qualified customers. Zurich and its employees do not assume any liability of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the use, or reliance upon any information, material or procedure contained herein.
Zurich and its employees do not guarantee particular outcomes and there may be conditions on your premises or within your organization which may not be apparent to us. You are in the best position to understand your business and your organization and to take steps to minimize risk, and we wish to assist you by providing the information and tools to assess your changing risk environment.
In the United States of America, risk services are available to qualified customers through Zurich Services Corporation and in Canada through Zurich Risk Services. Confidential: For questions related to the duplication or distribution of this document, please contact the author specified under Customer Data Workbook (see 'Field Assignee'), or ask your Zurich representative.

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Zurich risk engineering

Whether you operate in a single location or as an international enterprise, we have the technical expertise, local knowledge and global presence to understand your business and provide the right solution.

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