In life there are two types of surprises – good ones. And the other ones.

At Zurich, we love the first kind – marriage proposals, winning the lottery, discovering you’re related to royalty. But if you find yourself dealing with the second kind, you’re not totally out of luck. 

That’s because we’re looking out for you. We know that when something goes wrong, it can affect your whole routine – your family, your home, maybe your job. We look at the entire situation, smooth out the bumps and offer practical help if you need it. If there’s a way we can make it things easier for you, big or small, we will.

Now there's a pleasant surprise.


Fast, fair, easy and built around you.

Life insurance and critical illness

Protecting your income and family – with a service that delivers when it matters most.


It's not just about stuff, it's about your world – at Zurich we understand and we'll be there to help.

Pensions and retirement planning

Look forward to more with sound advice and a stress-free retirement plan from Zurich.

General liability

Prepare for the unexpected with general liability cover for injury or damage on your premises.

Other products

Fine art? Rare coins? Vintage motorcycles? We offer specialized help, too.

Savings and investments

Discover how we combine flexibility with expert management and a great choice of funds.


Why Zurich?

Green rubber boots in front of house

After the flood

Global know-how brings relief to UK homeowners

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