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Product liability risk assessment

Product liability risk assessment and improvement advice

Our lifecycle perspective on managing product liability risks considers strict safety measures for technological advancements, government regulations and consumer and commercial demands to help reduce liability claims in a cost-effective manner.

Product liability prevention program review or audit

Our product liability prevention program reviews and assesses the implementation and effectiveness of an overall product liability prevention program, and helps to create an action plan to address opportunities for further improvements.

Product recall and disaster recovery planning

We can help you to produce a product recall plan, or review your existing plans for effectiveness and suggest necessary improvements. We can also work alongside your business to test and refine standby plans through mock recalls.

Risk grading and benchmarking

Our grading system has been specifically developed to provide consistent assessment of a broad range of exposures across a portfolio of locations/sites. Using our grading system, we can evaluate and measure risk exposures and controls systematically and consistently, which allows us to identify vulnerabilities or weaknesses. The system also provides benchmarking across multiple locations and business segments.

Product risk analysis using the Zurich Hazard Analysis (ZHA)

The Zurich Hazard Analysis is a powerful methodology to systematically identify, address and manage all types of hazards or vulnerabilities and to address and manage the corresponding risks. We have been successfully applying it within our company and with our customers for over 20 years across various industries and commercial enterprises – recently this has included the financial services industry as well as public entities.