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Strong performance for 2017

In a year of historic weather events, our focus and discipline delivered strong performance.

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Group CEO on annual results 2017

“Our 2017 achievements made us resilient in the face of challenges and give us confidence as we look ahead,” said Mario Greco.

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No revolution without collaboration

Real collaborative action and trust based leadership is required to meet challenges we face today. In our fractured world, now is the time for businesses to step up and be counted.

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Seeing the bigger picture on global risks

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Annual results 2017

News release
Zurich reports strong performance

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Analysis of results and business review

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Commentary on annual results 2017

Letter to Shareholders
Key achievements in 2017

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Group CEO on annual results 2017

Professional apprenticeship programs

Professional apprenticeship programs - made in Switzerland

In June 2015, Zurich announced the introduction of an apprenticeship program to its North American subsidiary, as a way to train new employees and provide them with a college education. The program, which began in January 2016, will see Zurich North America accepting 100 apprentices over a five-year period. The first cohort of 18 apprentices graduated in 2017 and two additional cohorts of 12 apprentices each are underway.

A glimpse into our future

Quai Zurich new and old building

The Quai Zurich project is the redevelopment of our global headquarters at Mythenquai in Zurich. Our new home is being built to the highest standard of sustainability.

Top 5 global concerns that could keep you awake at night

Coastal erosion

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources. With this, comes a remarkable opportunity to address the increasingly complex systemic risks we face.

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