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What does Brexit mean for our customers?

The UK is a key market for us. That’s why we are fully committed to our customers, distributors and employees in the UK.

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First quarter shows a good start to the year

The Group continues to make good progress toward our 2017 to 2019 targets.

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Group CFO George Quinn on the first quarter 2018 update

We are pleased with the development of our businesses in the first quarter.

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Navigating uncertainty in the U.S. business environment

A new report explores geopolitical uncertainty and is intended to companies that have or are considering a presence in the U.S.

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When it matters, we’re there

Steve Sherin, an executive general adjuster, helps businesses to recover from storms, floods, etc. Learn how he helps customers recover from these kind of events.

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Group CFO on first quarter update 2018

Closer to travelers

Closer to travelers

Cover-More provides specialist travel insurance services and medical assistance and has operations in 14 countries.

Cognitive technology delivers award-winning service

Cognitive technology delivers award-winning service

Cognitive technology transforming complex time-consuming activities for multi-national customers into simple yet powerful analysis.

Putting ‘you’ at the center of all we do

Putting ‘you’ at the center of all we do

Protection is at the core of our identity. We are focused on you and your needs. That includes customers and potential customers, our employees, and society.

Volcano in Huaynaputina

Future shocks: The mega-events that could reshape our world

A volcanic eruption in 1600 may have changed history. As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, sudden and dramatic breakdowns – future shocks – become more likely.