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Race/Ethnicity & Cultural Diversity

An international workforce is important in order to gain a first-hand insight into our various markets and their customers. It also allows us to design relevant and appropriate products.

From our increasingly diverse workforce to the globalization of business, cultural competence is today`s most important skill for effective work performance. At Zurich, we are creating the right environment in order to engender cultural competence and to develop the skills that allow organizational leaders and employees to make it a seamless part of the workplace.

In 2018 Zurich employed 109 different nationalities in 45 countries.

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Employee Resource Groups

We have a number of employee resource groups around the world focused on culture and race. For example:


Founded in 2018, the group fosters inclusion, retention and development of employees of different ethnicities - specifically a more inclusive workplace for black professionals. Zurich Brazil and Zurich Santander Brazil are signatories to the ten commitments of the Business Initiative for Racial Equality Forum.

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Cultural Awareness Network (CAN), UK

CAN has been working to engender a culture of diversity, inclusion and tolerance since 2016 by raising cultural awareness amongst UK employees, communities and customers. They arrange regular events and communications to increase understanding and appreciation of different cultures, faiths, ethnicities, nationalities and languages. It has over 160 members and is sponsored by two of the UK Executive team.


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