gender diversity

Gender Diversity

Gender diversity is about having equal opportunities in the workplace and it is part of making Zurich one of the best places to work. Zurich is committed to gender equality as a way to achieve business outcomes and goals.

At Zurich we have established a gender strategy and tools to help monitor gender representation amongst both external applicants and current teams. This aims to reach gender balance across the organization – at all levels. A good gender balance and modern, up-to-date role perceptions benefits all genders, our company and society as a whole.

Areas of focus

Our strategy to improve gender equality includes initiatives to a) ensure equal pay for equivalent work where gender is not a factor for work of an equal or comparable value; b) the removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce; c) Full and genuine access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles; and d) Embedding and maintaining a zero-tolerance approach to harassment and discriminatory treatment in the workplace on the basis of gender.

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Equal Pay for Equivalent Work

Zurich wants to become one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world, and one important action towards achieving this ambition is ensuring Equal Pay for Equivalent Work. We don’t believe that gender should have anything to do with the money you earn.

We’re absolutely committed to gender equality in our workplace and have implemented certain measures globally to track progress. This includes the Equal Pay for Equivalent Work Analysis and similar approaches to make sure gender is not a factor when it comes to salary decisions. You’ve probably heard of the Gender Pay gap. Whilst this is also a very important issue, it’s important to know that there is a difference. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference of the average male salary and average female salary in an organization regardless of role, responsibility, seniority, or nature of work. Meanwhile, Equal Pay for Equivalent Work looks at whether men and women are paid equally for same or similar roles.

All Zurich’s businesses (> 100 Head Counts) are reviewed annually with our externally audited (or similar) process. If we find any issues or abnormalities, we take corrective actions. And this analysis also forms part of our yearly remuneration review cycle.

Equal Pay for Equivalent Work is a position our stakeholders increasingly expect from us. It helps to create a trusted, diverse and dynamic work environment. And most importantly, it’s simply the right thing to do.

Employee Resource Group - WIN

Zurich has a global employee resource group focused on gender – the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN). It’s a global group of 6000 Zurich employees (all genders) in 23 countries, across all organizational levels and regions. WIN advocates for a ‘level playing field’ so that all employees can contribute their best at work, and a workplace that rewards merit and accomplishment above all else, regardless of gender. Everyone at Zurich is invited to take part. The group has three executive sponsors – Kristof Terryn (Group Chief Operating Officer), Alison Martin (CEO, Europe, Middle East and Africa) and George Quinn (Group Chief Financial Officer).


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