generational diversity

Generational Diversity

Today’s workforce at Zurich contains five generations. From Traditionalists to Generation Z, our workforce is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of age. And each generation has their own unique style, needs, goals, and traits to consider.

We have adapted our recruiting strategies and avoid age-based assumptions and stereotyping. We also established employee retention practices and listened to our people’s feedback.

We are also working to understand the different generations’ expectations of the workplace, and ensuring that people of varied ages work together and learn from each other.

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Employee Resource Group - NEXT

In 2019, a global group of Millennial and Generation Z colleagues launched NEXT. This movement aimed to give a voice to newer generations, in order to future proof our company and shape our legacy. NEXT advocates for younger colleagues to have a voice in key business decisions; empowers them to make an impact directly; and sparks global conversations about how we stay relevant as an employer, insurance provider and global corporate citizen. The NEXT team currently represents 9 Zurich locations, 12 nationalities and a range of business units – and the community is growing fast.

This is part of involving all employees, regardless of their generation, in shaping the future of our company and its role in society – not just for the workforce today, but for those who come tomorrow.


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