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Effective health and safety management creates value for our stakeholders

Our commitment

Zurich is dedicated to providing a working environment that supports employees' physical and mental health and wellbeing. Effective management of health and safety will help our employees to perform better in serving our customers, in turn creating added value for all our stakeholders.

Our approach

Zurich employees generally work in low risk environments and are not exposed to significant health and safety hazards. Nevertheless, Zurich adopts a systems-based approach to managing health and safety risks in a structured and consistent way across all its operations, and there is a global program in place to ensure that we continually improve our health and safety performance.

We have a Group-wide health and safety policy. A supporting manual clearly identifies the key requirements to protect the health and safety of our own employees, and all those we work with. This supports our efforts to reduce incidents and injuries in our operations. A key part of our approach is to promote a culture, led and supported by management, in which people take personal responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others.

Health and safety officers within each country implement health and safety policy requirements in collaboration with its leaders. Health and safety management groups at global and country levels provide oversight and ensure that we are meeting our goals. Read more about our health and safety policy

Global program and initiatives

Zurich identifies health and safety risks linked to business operations. It works to reduce these by implementing appropriate risk controls. A combination of global and local actions and initiatives are used to manage these risks. These include:

  • ‘FlexWork@Zurich’ initiative promoting a way of working that empowers employees to work where, when and how they choose, with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints, to improve performance and help to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Variety of support services, guidance and initiatives for employees on managing potential issues associated with stress in their working and personal lives, for example, access to coaching center (Switzerland), confidential independent employee advice and support service (UK)
Zurich North America headquarters

  • Dynamic working environments that provide modern and flexible workplaces for employees and foster greater productivity, collaboration and mobility.
  • Wellbeing programs to encourage and promote healthier lifestyles, for example, fitness and healthy food campaigns in Italy, employee sports clubs in Spain and health talks from registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong.
  • Interactive web-based ‘Ergo’ training and assessment tool that provides ergonomic guidance to employees to promote a healthier working environment.
  • Global health and safety online training course available in multiple languages for new joiners.
  • Web-based ‘global incident management system’ to provide a consistent process for capturing, reporting and managing any incidents or near misses.
  • Integration of health and safety requirements into real estate projects such as office relocations and refurbishments.

Evaluating performance

Zurich has clear processes to measure, monitor, analyze and evaluate health and safety performance as part of its systems-based approach. The overarching goal is to assess how effectively risks are being controlled, and to see if Zurich is meeting its health and safety objectives. Zurich uses both proactive and reactive measures of performance in order to drive continual performance improvement and injury or ill-health reduction. These include:

  • Assessing and monitoring progress against defined objectives, targets and plans
  • Using the ‘global incident management system’ to investigate individual cases and report on trends or specific issues
  • Implementing a program of workplace safety inspections at each work location to identify and eliminate hazards
  • Conducting internal audits to periodically evaluate compliance with health and safety management system and legal requirements.

Our Health & Safety Policy

How we aim to ensure the well-being of our people in the working environment

As a leading employers' liability insurer, and provider of risk engineering services, we also participate in various best practice groups and publish annual health and safety reports at country level.


Summary of Zurich's Health and Safety Policy

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