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Diversity, inclusion & wellbeing

Together, we can do extraordinary things

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As one of the world’s largest global insurers, we know that our future success depends on having the right people on board and giving them the freedom to use their abilities to do extraordinary things. Being part of Zurich means joining a company that strives to create the right environment for all our employees to grow and develop.

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To succeed, Zurich needs to attract, develop and retain talented people who reflect the diversity of our global customers. A workplace that brings out the best in everybody where people feel welcome, valued and included, allows employees to achieve their full potential and perform at their best.

When we welcome difference, we promote innovation, boost productivity and deliver better results.

Our diversity and inclusion programs work to shape an environment that:

  • encourages and values different views and opinions,
  • respects employees’ personal needs,
  • provides equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or other aspect of difference.
  • Our Group-wide Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) framework is part our Group’s Code of Conduct.

Our roadmap

We are making progress in becoming a leader in D&I in the insurance industry by 2020 in several areas:

  • Shifting from awareness to action:
    • Training leaders on key aspects of diversity and inclusion
    • Building further on Employee Resource Groups
    • Hosting global and regional D&I conferences
  • Identifying diverse talent, then developing and sponsoring these individuals
  • Adapting our policies and processes to reflect a changing world.

Initially, we are focusing on

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Flexible working
  • Managing gender pay equality

Setting standards, making progress in gender equality

In November 2015 Zurich became the first global company in the insurance industry to be certified by ‘EDGE’ (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality).

Our decision to apply for EDGE certification demonstrates our aim to improve gender equality within all areas of our business.

As of 2018, we had 12 business units in 11 countries EDGE certified with three certified at EDGE ‘Move’ level. These businesses represent 52 percent of all Zurich employees. Globally, we are one of only 13 brands to be recognized at the EDGE ‘Move’ level for demonstrating our progress in improving gender equality. This demonstrates our goal of improving gender equality and empowering women in the workforce.

We want to give people equal opportunity to deliver, and we aim to compensate our people fairly through pay, promotions and opportunities. Working with EDGE, we have developed an Equal Pay Analysis Tool that enables us to review equal pay for equivalent work in similar roles. This tool has been audited and verified by an independent third party and is accessible across our business.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are employee-led associations that provide personal and professional support and networking. Our ERGs can also help Zurich better understand the challenges our employees and customers face.

Zurich currently has a range of global and local resource groups and is committed to fostering an environment to encourage more. Our ERGs include:

  • WIN (Women’s Innovation Network)
  • Pride@Zurich/GLEE (Gay, Lesbian Everyone Else)
  • CAN (Cultural Awareness Network)
  • Zurich African American Alliance
  • Emerging LeaderZ
  • Disability Inclusion Group

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Our commitment to respect human rights is part of the Group’s Code of Conduct.

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UN Women Empowerment Principles

Zurich Insurance signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles

On October 29, 2019, Mario Greco signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which provide a framework to help companies empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Chaired by UN Women and the UN Global Compact, the WEP’s are 7 principles expressing support for advancing equality between genders to:

  1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality.
  2. Treat all women and men fairly at work – respect and support human rights and non-discrimination.
  3. Ensure the health, safety and well-being of all women and men workers.
  4. Promote education, training and professional development for women.
  5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices that empower women.
  6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy.
  7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality.

At Zurich we are committed to a gender balanced workplace and have already put in place global initiatives such as the equal pay for equivalent work analysis or similar. The equal pay for equivalent work analysis looks at whether men and woman in the same or similar roles are equitably paid. We aim to create a workplace where our people thrive and experience an environment that is diverse and inclusive, where everyone’s voice is important to us. We embrace the diversity of our employees and we capitalize on the different experiences, skills and perspectives that they have. And not just because it’s the right thing to do, it fuels innovation, drives engagement, attracts talent and makes us succeed as a company.

"Empowered employees are the driving force behind businesses’ digital transformation. More than that, taking action to achieve gender balance and equality at all levels in the workforce is the right and fair thing to do in today’s society."

Mario Greco, CEO of Zurich Insurance

Zurich recognized by renowned organizations as a leader in gender equality and diversity

Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

In January 2019, Zurich was selected for the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. The 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index distinguishes companies committed to transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality. The index includes firms from 10 sectors headquartered across 36 countries and regions. Collectively, these firms have a combined market capitalization of USD 9 trillion and employ more than 15 million people, of which 7 million are women, around the world.

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Economic Dividends for Gender Equality

In November 2015, Zurich became the first insurance company to be certified by the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE). EDGE is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. It measures where organizations stand in terms of gender balance across their pipeline, pay equity, effectiveness of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows as well as inclusiveness of their culture. As of 2019, Zurich has 11 business units in 10 countries EDGE certified, with three certified at EDGE ‘Move’ level. Zurich is the first insurance company to be awarded EDGE MOVE certification in Brazil and Mexico. Globally, we are one of only 15 brands to be recognized at the EDGE ‘Move’ level for demonstrating our progress in improving gender equality.

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Forbes 2019 list of America's Best Employers for Diversity

In January 2019, Zurich was added to the Forbes 2019 list of America's Best Employers for Diversity. The Forbes 2019 list of America’s Best Employers for Diversity includes the top 500 companies that were chosen based on an independent survey from a representative sample of 50,000 employees working for companies employing at least 1,000 people in their U.S. operations. For the majority of the company’s score, respondents were asked open-ended questions on a series of statements surrounding the topics of age, gender equality, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ+ and general diversity concerning their own employer. The rankings were aggregated using four criteria: Direct Recommendations, Indirect Recommendations, Diversity Among Top Executives/Board Members, and Diversity KPIs.

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