Running gets bigger with Zurich Spain

The sponsorship strategy in Spain focuses on running specifically in marathons, Zurich reaches 4 of the 6 most important cities, bringing the brand throughout the territory and increasing its commitment to healthy habits for both employees and customers.

marathon in spain

Runners from around the world

Since 2012 that began its journey with the creation of the Zurich Marathon Barcelona, ​​the expansion of the brand has not stopped growing, in 2015 Zurich Marathon arrived in Seville and currently has joined the portfolio Zurich Marathon Donostia and Zurich Marathon Malaga.

map marathon in spain

From the beginning the percentage of runners who are Zurich customers, employees and intermediaries has grown steadily over the past three years, an indication of Zurich in Spain’s success in using the event throughout the year to engage with key stakeholders.

Zurich Spain is currently a benchmark in running sponsorship, and also bets on the visibility of women in sport, so it is also part of the women's race, the largest sporting event in Europe with more than 130,000 women running in 8 cities


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