Sponsoring fitness for all

We launched the vitaparcours training courses in 1968 and today over 85% of the people in Switzerland are familiar with the free outdoor fitness courses in forests and parks. There are around 500 Zurich vitaparcours across Switzerland.

Outdoor fitness for everyone

Everybody knows that regular exercise helps keeps us fit, healthy and happy. That’s exactly why Zurich offers around 500 Zurich vitaparcours everywhere in Switzerland. We see the program as a positive contribution to the good health and vitality of the communities where our customers, employees and shareholders live and work. Zurich launched vitaparcours in 1968 and has been its exclusive sponsor ever since.

Fun and fitness in the forest

The Zurich vitaparcours are specially designed jogging paths through woodland areas – available for everyone, anytime and free of charge. Along the route, there are 15 stations where you can do up to 43 exercises with the help of the simple equipment installed there. Depending on your needs, you can choose to work on your stamina, flexibility or strength.

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