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Life captives

Zurich provides captive services for employee benefit plans through the Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions. Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions has a wealth of experience implementing captive programs and has been involved in employee benefits captives for more than 25 years.

Using captives for employee benefits meets today's challenges

Regulation: Captives are an effective way to create the high standards of transparency and risk management demanded by today’s regulations.

Control: Captives give you more control over employee benefits programs. For example premium savings can be shifted into programs that will attract the best talent. Also, because the captive is a significant risk taker, you can offer custom programs that may not be available on the wide market: from long-term disability coverage for top executives to the elimination of specific exclusions.

Improving profitability: Bringing life risks into an existing captive makes it possible to capture additional underwriting profits, for example when employee benefits programs are reinsured to a captive.

To find out more about the benefits of life captives and the solutions we offer, please download and read our brochure.

Benefits of captives for life risks

  • Improved access to management information globally through quarterly reporting of premiums and claims
  • Increased flexibility in plan design and underwriting
  • Greater transparency of costs – breakdown of pure risk premium, administration charges and commissions
  • Better governance through integration of employee benefit financing in wider risk management policies
  • Improved yields by self-management of premium, reserves and excess margins
  • Reduced volatility and more diversification within portfolio, potential financial advantages of reduced solvency capital under Solvency II in case of combination of life and non-life risks
  • Enhanced cash flow to the customer

Types of employee benefit that can be added to a captive

  • Basic and supplemental life
  • Long term disability
  • Non-qualified benefit
  • Retiree medical
  • Active medical
  • Medical stop loss
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Business travel accident

Contact: Life captives

  • Wendy Liu
    Head of Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions
    Zurich, Switzerland
    +41 44 625 3743

Contact: Non-life captives

  • Paul Woehrmann
    Head of Captive Services Global Corporate Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; LATAM
    Zurich, Switzerland
    +41 44 628 8282
  • Steven R. Bauman
    Senior Vice President, Head of Captive Services, Global Corporate in North America

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