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Zurich Directors and Officers Liability Solution

In an increasingly complex and challenging environment, Zurich Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Solution addresses the liability exposures of your management team and of the company.

A shifting risk landscape

The D&O liability landscape is shifting to more cross-border, systemic and emerging risks, occasionally impacted by waves of industry events or scandals.

Traditional sources of D&O claims

  • Misrepresentation of financial information
  • Shareholder activism reinforced by litigation funding
  • Securities offerings
  • Greater regulatory scrutiny
  • M&A Deals
  • Globalization of the economy
  • Economic downturn and financial market volatility

Emerging risks, exposures and trends

  • Climate change uncertainty, inaction or nondisclosure
  • Multi-jurisdictional regulatory exposures
  • Environmental protection
  • Political turmoil
  • Cyber security, new technologies, GDPR and data breach ramifications
  • Workforce protection obligations
  • Social engineering theft and fraud
  • More extensive, protracted and costly litigation

Comprehensive cover for an evolving environment

Zurich D&O Liability Solution provides comprehensive protection against evolving exposures, tailored to cover current and emerging risks, with customized product and service solutions.

Key benefits include:

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  • Greater clarity in the overall operation of the cover
  • A new broad definition of security and privacy events
  • Explicit cover for pre-claim events
  • Cover for internal investigations
  • Explicit cover for mitigation costs
  • Extensive and focused protection for Individual Insureds provided through specific extensions
  • Affirmative cover for environmental claims against Insured Persons
  • Company extension for specific loss of data expenses and Directors and Officers cover for training costs after a cyber incident
  • Clarity of claim reporting and handling provisions
  • Specific claim protocol options

We take a holistic approach to risk management

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Rely on Zurich to protect your business leaders

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