Global presence to reach the most vulnerable communities

In March 2013 we announced that we would enhance an existing cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which includes a commitment of up to USD 22.7 million over five years.  Through our cooperation with the IFRC, part of our flood resilience alliance, the program can reach communities right across the world through 189 national societies.

We are putting in place community programs in urban and rural locations in the region of Tabasco in Mexico, and in West Java in Indonesia. These programs show how an efficient and integrated approach can make communities better prepared and more resilient to flooding. By increasing skills, knowledge and resources, communities can actively mitigate, prepare and even prevent some of the impacts of floods.

Bringing together the knowledge and expertise of our flood resilience alliance members, we are developing, enhancing and testing tools that will help us to enhance community flood resilience. We have identified the following areas for enhancing existing IFRC tools:

  • A stronger community context assessment allowing us to include a more rigorous hazard and risk analysis. This enhances the community selection process and the Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA).
  • An enhanced community selection process to ensure we work in the most vulnerable communities.
  • Enhanced measurement processes enabling us to measure resilience levels and the impact of our work.
  • Decision making tools to better identify and prioritize the interventions that we undertake in the communities.

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