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A clear strategy developed by us, for all our stakeholders

Our strategy positions Zurich for success over the long term. It builds on our unique footprint, solid financial position, balanced portfolio trusted brand and the skills, strengths and expertise of our people. And, it draws on our purpose and values. These clearly articulate why we are in business and how we set out to achieve our goals, always putting those who depend on us in the center.

  • Our strengths

    A solid financial position

    We have a solid financial position. That can reassure our customers that we will be there when they need us to handle their claims, our shareholders that we are financially stable, and our colleagues that we have a well-earned positive reputation as a business and an employer.

    A balanced business

    Our business is balanced between Europe and North America. The Latin American contribution is growing and the business in Asia Pacific is expanding. Our portfolio is healthy and balanced between Property & Casualty, and Life. Both are sustainable and profitable businesses. Farmers provides stable income. This diversification positions us well to weather economic and market volatility, and gives us a strong presence across customer segments and product lines.

    A trusted brand, talented people

    Our brand is strong and reinforces our reputation for being able to understand the risks our customers face and to structure offerings that meet their unique needs. Our global brand and reputation help us to continue to attract the most talented people in the industry.

  • Our long-term strategy

    Our strategy

    • Focus on customers

      Improve service quality and customer experience.

    • Simplify

      More agile and responsive organization.

    • Innovate

      Better products, services and customer care.

    Our strategy to deliver long-term competitive advantage focuses on continuing to increase profitability and consolidating our position as a leading global underwriter for property and casualty, and life insurance. We aim to expand customer relationships, simplify the business and significantly reduce costs. At the operating level, Zurich will continue to reduce complexity and improve accountability. We will enhance technical excellence and strengthen our ties to commercial customers. We will also seek to enhance our offerings to individuals by monitoring and aiming to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Financial targets 2017 to 2019



    Full year 2018

    Target range:

    Estimated Z-ECM ratio2

    Full year 2018

    >USD 9.5bn

    Cumulative cash remittances
    USD 7.5bn

    As of full year 2018

    USD 1.5bn

    Cumulative net
    expense savings
    USD 1.1bn

    As of full year 2018

    1 Business operating profit after tax return on equity, excluding unrealized gains and losses.
    2 Full year 2018 Z-ECM reflects midpoint estimate with an error margin of +/–5 percentage points.

  • Our business model

    We aim to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders: our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work. Learn more about our business and how we create value, starting by putting our customers at the center of all we do.

    Our business model 

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