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Financial Institutions D&O Liability

Our comprehensive Directors' & Officers' (D&O) Liability insurance helps to give your company’s directors and officers greater certainty with state of the art and market-leading coverage.

Your benefits

Our protection gives you the ability to attract knowledgeable and qualified directors and officers to make strategic decisions in pursuit of your company's best interest.

We will support you with:

  • enhanced risk coverage
  • simplified and clearer globally consistent policy language adapted to reflect local single law requirements and legal exposures
  • improved contract certainty and coverage applicability
  • dedicated professional teams in underwriting, claims handling, captive and capital optimization, risk management and compliance
  • a global network that provides specific global services and solutions for financial institutions.

We constantly review our products to address liability coverage in light of developing regulation, litigation and emerging risks. We offer cover for banks and lending institutions, asset managers, investment advisers, investment managers, fund managers, mutual, hedge, real estate and private equity funds, venture capital firms, building societies, insurance and re-insurance companies, investment management companies, corporate financial services providers and other types of financial services provider.

Our cover also extended in varying degrees to senior managerial staff.

  • Cover for almost every situation
    • There are an increasing number of investigations by supervisory, regulatory and enforcement authorities into potential regulatory violations.
    • There is increasing scrutiny on financial institutions’ activities and business practices, leading to a significant increase in regulator fines and penalties, litigation and requested damages for alleged failure to supervise or set appropriate control frameworks from the directors and officers.
    • Upcoming regulations and reform are affecting the financial sectors with the aim to impose stronger controls, transparency and disclosures, risk measurement and management, corporate governance and compliance standards, increasing the pressure of responsibility on directors and officers.
    • There is a need for capital strengthening to meet tougher requirements in order to build up adequate cash reserves to respond to financial institutions’ increased need for counter cyclical reserves, increased risks and exposures as well as Basel III capital requirements, leading to increased directors’ liability in relation to the potential offering of the company securities.
    • Deteriorating assets quality combined with declining profitability and share price and more challenging funding and liquidity scenarios, impose tougher and more challenging corporate responsibility on directors whose strategy updates need to be effectively communicated to shareholders and financial markets.
    • We are seeing an increase in investors and shareholder derivative proceedings against directors and officers after company admissions of corporate wrongdoing or settlement with investigative authorities.
    • Merger and acquisition related security claims are on the rise.
    • There are a rising number of suits filed against companies globally – mainly alleging breach of fiduciary duties, accounting fraud and financially misleading statements.
  • Market-leading coverage
    • Enhanced claims definition.
    • Broad definition of 'insured person'.
    • Stronger severability language on knowledge and exclusions.
    • Side A non-rescindability coverage for individuals.
    • Entity cover for securities claims to apply worldwide with clear order of payments language.
    • Broad cover for investigations, including derivative demand investigation costs.
    • Indemnity costs for shareholder derivative claims – and plaintiffs fees for derivative claims.
    • Broad outside directorship liability blanket cover.
    • Additional dedicated excess limit of liability for non-executive directors.
    • Broad individual insured extended reporting period, including lifetime discovery period for retired directors.
    • Cover of civil fines and penalties imposed on individuals, when insurable by law.
    • Broad insured person additional protection cover, including asset and liberty protection costs; civil or bail bond fee; prosecution costs, and personal reputation restoration expenses cover.
    • Broad coverage for pre-claims event, including self-reports.
    • Extradition/arrest costs including overseas travel and accommodation.
    • Environmental mismanagement claim cover against individuals.
    • Advanced payment of costs with emergency pre-approved defense costs.
    • Company crisis communication expenses cover.
    • Worldwide cover and international jurisdiction clause.

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