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Zurich Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Protection beyond policies

Maintaining business continuity and driving shareholder value require a reliable supply chain. Zurich Supply Chain Risk Management Services can help you to automatically monitor the health of your entire supply chain, and identify and prevent problems that could bring your business to a halt.

In cooperation with riskmethods

Zurich Supply Chain Risk Management Services is a cooperation with riskmethods, a global,award-winning market leader in supply chain risk management that is trusted by hundreds of brands to protect thousands of products.

The riskmethods Solution is powered by Risk Intelligence™, a technology-driven service that uses artificial intelligence to comb through millions of data sources and zero in on the real risk to your supply chain. Thanks to years of machine learning, riskmethods’ AI has learned how to tell you only what you need to know, exactly when you need to know it.

Identify, assess and mitigate your supply chain risks

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Identify your risks with riskmethods Risk Radar™

See real-time insights about the health of your entire supply network via dashboards and an interactive world map.

Generate and compare risk scores using both an out-of-the-box and fully customizable scorecard.

Benefit from AI-driven technology that generates relevant alerts so you are the first to know about a risk impacting your supply chain.

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Assess your risks with riskmethods Impact Analyzer™ and Zurich’s risk management tools

Generate impact scores for all your suppliers by category to understand exactly how a risk event might disrupt your supply network.

Benefit from the potential of Zurich’s risk management tools (e.g. Zurich Risk Advisor) to enable comprehensive impact profiling.

Compare suppliers’ risk score and impact score to identify critical vulnerabilities, and model what-if scenarios.

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Mitigate your risks with riskmethods Action Planner™ and Zurich Risk Engineering

Benefit from Zurich Risk Engineering expertise in developing business continuity plans (including potential impact from climate change).

Rely on plans to help you take immediate, decisive and preventive actions for all types of risk.

Automate workflows and assign user tasks so that everyone knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

Benefits for your business

help your bottom line

Help your bottom line

Take advantage of predictive insights that will help you avoid costs by addressing risk before it happens.

maintain business continuity

Maintain business continuity

Keep your business running by proactively addressing and responding to supply chain risk. Be the first to know, the first to act and the first to recover.

improve supplier relationship management

Improve Supplier Relationship Management

Make sure you have all the right information at your fingertips to make risk-aware supplier decisions.

create efficiency through digitization

Create Efficiency through Digitization

Be faster, smarter and better by using riskmethods artificial intelligence to automate processes that are beyond human scale.

Improve your risk profile and access Zurich Business Interruption and Contingent Business Interruption coverages at preferred conditions.


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