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Zurich Cyber Security Services

Protection beyond policies

With cyber attacks increasing in frequency and severity, we can help you to define and execute effective cyber risk management programs by giving you access to unique cyber risk-related expertise and technologies.

"I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be."

Robert S. Mueller, former Director of the FBI.

Passive Cyber Risk Assessment Report and preferred rates

If you purchase a standalone cyber policy from Zurich, you will benefit from our collaboration with CYE and receive a comprehensive, technology-driven passive risk assessment report evaluating your organization’s posture regarding cyber threats.

Why is cyber risk management important?

Protecting your business systems from cyber attacks is essential to:

icon costs

Avoid unnecessary costs and loss of time

icon business continuity

Maintain business continuity

icon reputational damage

Avoid reputational damage

icon secure compliance

Secure compliance

Risk transfer through cyber risk policies cannot provide the full answer, so to complement our Zurich Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Solutions, we have developed Zurich Cyber Security Services jointly with a highly qualified partner – CYE.

Introducing CYE

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2012, CYE provides innovative and cost-effective cyber security solutions, combining advanced artificial intelligence with services delivered by world-leading security experts.

CYE’s portfolio is powered by cutting-edge technology that will help your organization focus on threats that are specific to your risk landscape and exposures.

With over 945 vetted experts from 24 countries and more than 200 customers from all industries and segments, CYE provides uniquely proactive assessments, continuous adaptive protection, and an exceedingly robust cyber security tailored adaptive risk posture.

Find out more about CYE

Comprehensive cyber protection

Zurich Cyber Security Services has three core elements:

icon extensive risk

Convenient and extensive risk transfer through Zurich Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Solutions

icon cyber risk engineering

Continuous cyber security assessment from CYE

icon cyber security assessment

Zurich Cyber Risk Engineering and Advisory Services

Building cyber resilient organizations

CYE’s technology and expertise will support your organization throughout the cyber security journey from assessment to remediation plan, accompanied by strategic consulting.

icon mimicking realworld

Mimicking real-world attack scenarios

icon supplychainrisks

Reveal your supply chain risks

icon hacker

Be ahead of the hacker

icon pinpoint

Pinpoint what matters most to your business

icon streamline remediation

Streamline remediation

icon strategic experts adv

Strategic experts advisory

The benefits for your business

icon tick

Close unknown security blind spots in your organization. Detailed security assessment reports provide an action plan to implement more effective strategies to enhance your security posture.

icon tick

Reduce risk and impact severity of security incidents. Multi-domain security assessment improves your ability to rapidly predict and respond to adverse events.

icon tick

Ensure proactive protection of your critical business assets, through continuous adaptive assessment, disclosing the effectiveness of your organization’s security prevention and detection capabilities.

icon tick

Prioritize budget and resources. Allocate security spending and resources to the most appropriate areas, allowing for response improvement and compliance with cyber security requirements.


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    Zurich Cyber Security Services factsheet

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    CYE Zurich Passive Cyber Risk Assessment Report

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