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Zurich International Programs for Employees

Zurich International Programs for Employees is a simpler and more efficient way to manage risk protection for your people around the world.

Protecting employees

Zurich International Programs for Employees

Your benefits to protect your employees

With Zurich International Programs for Employees you can cover all of your people across the world with us. This enables you to manage your employee risk coverage centrally, giving you better oversight, transparency and cost control.

You will have online access to data on your insurance in place, premiums and claims paid, to have a clear picture of your coverage.

We have market-leading expertise in international programs for the general insurance lines of business as well as extensive experience in pooling, captives and cross-border employee benefit solutions.

A Zurich International Programs for Employees typically comprises cross-border policies and local policies that provide cover for death, disability and/or accident of your employees.


Centralized management, structuring, implementation and monitoring


Easier and faster access to data


Simple programs, tighter control, enhanced terms and limits as well as optimized costs


Alignment with local regulations

A program built around your business

We understand that the needs of your business are unique, and will work closely with you and your employee benefits consultant to develop a tailored solution. We can help you to develop and execute a strategy with regard to your employee benefits and maximize the potential of your program.

Zurich provides captive solutions for global employee benefit plans which offers multinational companies new risk management and benefit financing opportunities. Zurich International Programs for Employee can also be included in a captive solution. You can find more information on the benefits of captives and the services we offer here.

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