Blue Marble Microinsurance

Zurich Insurance Group is a founding member of Blue Marble Microinsurance, a startup with a mission of providing socially impactful, commercially viable insurance protection to the underserved. A UK corporation owned by nine insurance entities, Blue Marble incubates and implements microinsurance ventures that support the economic advancement of underserved populations.

Giovanni Giuliani

Our shared expectation is that by enabling product, distribution and operational innovation we will help create the efficiencies and knowledge necessary to make microinsurance a vibrant sustainable market. When successful, it will help bring the benefits of modern risk management to millions of first-time insurance buyers.

Giovanni Giuliani
Group Chief Strategy, Innovation and Business Development Officer
Vice Chairman of the Board, Blue Marble Microinsurance

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Blue Marble Microinsurance: business model and initial ventures

Bilal Mughal

Forming Blue Marble was “quite an achievement,” said Bilal Mughal, Head of Ventures. “Immense credit goes to the CEO Joan Lamm-Tennant and to the visionary support and backing of the founding company executives to bring it to life.”

Bilal Mughal
Head of Ventures at Blue Marble
Head of Emerging Consumers at Zurich

Blue Marble's first venture, which was launched in Zimbabwe in 2016 and has been improved and expanded, addresses the financial vulnerability of smallholder farmers through the provision of affordable insurance protection against extreme weather conditions.

Working with Nespresso, in July 2018, Blue Marble commenced its second venture through a pilot program, mitigating about 2,000 smallholder coffee farmers’ vulnerability to adverse weather conditions in Colombia.

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Applying learnings from these ventures, the Blue Marble team is working in collaboration with customers and partners to develop solutions that address specific social issues in other markets around the world.

Zurich and our peers realize that we have to play our part in meeting the risk management needs of the unserved and the underserved. We have a responsibility and a duty to them. It is done most effectively by providing talent and capital to launch ventures and also share the cost and risks of product development, rather than just trying to do it individually. This ‘collaborative innovation’ is a powerful model. Microinsurance is also a dynamic test bed for innovating use of new technology and business models in insurance.

To date, over 100 secondees from the nine insurance entities have worked with Blue Marble on ventures, capability building and operations.

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