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Five reasons to work for Zurich

Private customers

You're interested in working in a dynamic, challenging environment, for a company that recognizes and rewards your creativity, initiative and contributions. Excellent! You're in the right place to explore a career with Zurich.

A global insurer, a global presence

Door with open sign at door

We operate globally and locally, according to our customers’ needs. We deliver insurance products and services in more than 170 countries.

Ensuring responsible business practices

Large and multinational corporations

At Zurich, doing business responsibly means working with our customers, brokers and other distribution partners to ensure responsible and sustainable business practices and to protect reputations, while promoting best practices in managing environmental, social and governance risks.

Individual and private customers

Private customers

More than just insurance – from earthquake recovery to retirement savings, find out how we help our individual customers.

Small and mid-sized businesses

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Discover a service that's focused on you, from a company with people who know how to listen. Helping protect all aspects of your business in a changing world.

Large and multinational corporations

Large and multinational corporations

As one of the world’s largest corporate insurers with a strong transatlantic capability, we deliver underwriting, risk management and claims support with a truly global reach.

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Our customers are the individuals, families, businesses and institutions that face risk every day. We must earn their trust – and the commitment of the agents, brokers and others that help us serve them. We must deliver the insights, products and services that empower them to understand and protect themselves from those risks. As One Zurich, we can and must exceed their expectations. And when adversity strikes, we must be there for each of them with the solutions and financial strength to deliver on our promise."

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Risk interconnectivity

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