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For most organizations, a serious and potentially damaging cyber attack is more a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

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A convenient, single solution to help protect your business against cyber risks

This proposition can help you protect against the risks of a serious data breach. The program brings together features often attached to other commercial policies as coverage extensions by endorsement.

Key coverages and benefits


KC01 security and privacy liability

Security and Privacy Liability

KC02 regulatory proceedings

Regulatory proceedings defense costs

KC03 civil fines

Civil fines and penalties associated with Payment Card Industry (PCI) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

KC04 internet media liability

Internet media liability

KC05 privacy breach


Privacy breach costs, including:

Forensic investigation expenses

Legal and public relations expenses

Credit and identity monitoring costs

Identity restoration and identity theft insurance costs

Call center costs

KC06 business income loss

Business income loss, dependent business income loss (i.e., loss insured incurs due to a vendor’s network security event) and extra expense

KC07 digital asset replacement

Digital asset replacement expense

KC08 cyber extortion threats

Cyber extortion threats and reward payments

KC09 system failure

System failure and dependent system failure

KC10 reputational damages

Reputational damages

KC11 social engineering funds transfer

Social engineering funds transfer

KC12 claims mitigation costs

Claims mitigation costs

Additional policy highlights

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Coverage limits available up to USD25 million

Business interruption coverage is triggered if a breach requires a voluntary shutdown of operations or a regulator ordered shutdown

System failure and administrative errors can also trigger coverage

Affirmative coverage for wrongful data collection

Affirmative European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coverage availability

Definition of insured person extended to include temporary employees, volunteers or interns

Definition of extra expenses amended to include forensic expenses

Broad definition of computer system, including industrial control systems and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs

No vendor restrictions – you may seek assistance from the post-breach vendors of your choice

Cyber Risk Engineering services

On a fee-basis, Zurich’s Cyber Risk Engineering team can also assist in the ongoing development and maintenance of a robust information security management system built on three essential pillars: people, process and technology.

Cyber risk people icon


Board of directors and C-suite education

User awareness training, including phishing, social engineering, password standards and management and business email compromise

Hiring practice security guidelines

Access management (i.e., users, vendors, privileged users and remote users)

Cyber risk process icon


Cybersecurity strategy

Capability road map

Policy and procedure development including, but not limited to, acceptable use, asset management, vulnerability and patch management, risk assessment, vendor management, incident response and disaster recovery

Management metrics for cybersecurity

Cyber risk technology icon


Recommendations for a range of specialized technology solutions with leading external security vendors and consultants

ZenOpz 24 / 7 / 365 Network Monitoring

An optional service available to organizations selecting the Zurich Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Solutions.

In association with a leading managed security service provider (MSSP), Zurich can offer the following services on an opt-in basis, included in the policy premium:

A complimentary, one-time 360-degree technical assessment of your network and all devices connected to it

Real-time, 24/7 monitoring of up to 50 connected devices on your network, such as servers, workstations, firewalls and other log generating devices

On a weekly basis, a full vulnerability scan of all devices in your agreement, with full status reports and patch recommendations to mitigate revealed vulnerabilities

Ability to add devices for monitoring beyond the initial 50 for a fee

Protection for your business 24 / 7 / 365

DigitalResolve is a crisis management service, provided under your Zurich Cyber Security & Privacy Liability Solutions, offering a global one-stop shop that harnesses and manages the resources you need to recover from a damaging cyber event.

If an incident occurs, you can call our multilingual team, day or night. A dedicated Incident Manager will then appoint and coordinate cyber experts to support your business. They will remain in place from notification to conclusion, managing the services and acting as your main point of contact throughout.

Contact DigitalResolve whenever an incident occurs, 24/7 365 days a year.

Incident Manager appointed immediately.

IT forensic experts appointed (if required) – they locate and act to resolve the event, and report to the Incident Manager.

Incident Manager consults with you and appoints other experts as required, such as lawyers and PR consultants.

Regular discussions between your business and all parties to agree best approach.

Other experts appointed where necessary, for example, notification and creditmonitoring specialists.

Comprehensive summary document issued at service conclusion.




Cyber Security Training Videos

To help you manage the fast-evolving and omnipresent risk of cyber attacks, we have created six cyber security training videos in cooperation with experts from CYE covering everything from commonly used terms to the latest attack trends.

You can access a playlist of all six videos here

Or if you prefer to view a specific video, please follow the links below

Key cyber terms and concepts
Cyber attack case studies
Cyber defense – best practices
Cyber mitigation
Wild wild web
Cyber attack trends

Further information

As the digital and physical worlds coalesce, cyber risks are undergoing fundamental changes that affect all stakeholders in different ways. Read more on cyber risk in the Zurich knowledge hub.

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