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Stimulating challenges. Global awareness. Meaningful work. There are many reasons why Zurich is the intelligent choice for your career. But perhaps the most important one is the value we’ll place on your growth. You’ll have the chance to develop vital skills, explore your passions, and build a rich and rewarding career.

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We have a wide range of programs for university graduates, as well as opportunities for interns and apprentices in countries all over the world. All of them offer a competitive salary and good benefits. While there are some regional differences, here’s what you can broadly expect:

  • University graduates

    In a rapidly changing world, there’s no question that ambitious university graduates like you are crucial to our future success. That’s why we’re so committed to helping you make the most of your unique talents and fresh ideas.
    Whichever program you join – and there are plenty to choose from – you’ll be given meaningful work and real responsibility from the start. You’ll also have access to exceptional business, technical and leadership training, allowing you to get valuable professional qualifications. You’ll get everything you need to build an outstanding career.
    To join us, you’ll need to be an all-rounder – someone who’s not only strong academically but also good with people. Ideally, you’ll have some relevant experience, but more importantly, you’ll have plenty of confidence and drive. What will really set you apart, though, will be your understanding of our work and your ambition to make a valuable contribution.

  • Internship

    An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door and see what working for a global insurance business is really like. With us, you’ll be doing valuable work as soon as you get here. You’ll also have access to a host of development activities. We offer career-planning, opportunities to meet and present to senior leaders, and e-learning courses. A dedicated ‘buddy’ will be there every step of the way to help you through your placement.

  • Apprentices

    Why not earn and learn with us as an apprentice? Right from the start, you’ll be part of a truly global company doing a valuable job. You can expect the support and training you need to get your career off to a good start – and set you on your way toward roles with real responsibility. We’ll give you the chance to study for industry-recognized qualifications.
    We have a range of apprenticeships to suit different interests and ambitions. To be considered, you’ll need to be someone who can deliver excellent customer service and manage workloads. You’ll also have the aptitude and commitment it takes to become professionally qualified. In addition, you should be good with people, have lots of initiative and be willing to learn about the insurance business from the ground up.

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BA, 2008 – 2012 MA, 2013 – 2015 University of St Gallen International Affairs & Governance

Before Zurich

Working at Zurich is my first job. But before I joined I volunteered and took on internships that gave me the chance to travel during my studies. These included working with a human rights organization in Guatemala and a work placement with the Swiss Embassy in India.

An international intern

As an intern, I worked in countries with very different economic and political systems, in organizations that embraced working cultures unlike any I had experienced before. I also worked alongside colleagues who did not always share my values. These experiences challenged me and taught me to be more accepting of difference. Now, when I join a new team or take on new tasks, I’m much more open-minded. Being unbiased has been crucial to my success on the trainee program so far.

Why Zurich?

For me, a rewarding career has never been about earning a huge salary. I’ve always wanted to work in a stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to grow – and Zurich offers exactly that. As well as a diverse set of jobs here in Switzerland and internationally, the business is great at supporting all of us to unfold our potential.

What was your first day like?

After university, I was eager to make a difference. But with limited professional experience – and none in insurance – navigating corporate life was challenging at the start. It never held me back though. Thanks to the great support from my team and people right across the business, I was up to speed in no time. They helped me no matter what. Even those with the busiest calendars made time to help.

Tell us about your career journey so far

I’ve been on the Zurich trainee program for just over a year and in that short space of time I’ve taken on many different roles. I’ve helped develop new liability insurance for the Swiss market, and now I’m involved in a project dealing with cyber risk.

An end-to-end view

I’m based in Product Underwriting (PUW), so I’m used to taking a strategic approach. However, one of my rotations has seen me work directly with customers. It’s interesting to see the strategic decisions taken in PUW getting put into action and making a difference for our customers.

What have you learned?

I’ve developed professional knowledge of a lot of areas through the different rotations that make up the trainee program. For example, a rotation in a general agency gave me valuable market experience. And when you’re developing a strategy or designing a process, that sort of knowledge is invaluable: nothing can replace first-hand experience.

What’s been a highlight?

To date, the project I’ve most enjoyed working on was our new liability insurance. Collaborating with teams from across the business, I helped develop a cover that’s simpler, more bespoke and better value for our commercial customers. And because my role put me at the interface of business, actuary, IT and marketing, I got a real insight into all of those areas.

What’s next for you?

I don’t have my career planned out. There are several positions I’m interested in pursuing but I’m keeping myself flexible enough to seize opportunities as they happen. I already work in an exciting area, but my ambition is to gain more managerial experience as I build analytical skills and expert knowledge. I also want to work abroad, so I’ll be looking out for international assignment opportunities in the months and years to come.


2004 - 2007 Cardiff University Economics and Management

What was your first role at Zurich?

I joined Zurich fresh out of university on the actuarial graduate scheme. I met some great friends on the program and learned so much. It was a good introduction to the insurance industry.

What’s your journey been like since then?

I’ve had a fantastic career in my nine years with Zurich so far. I got good grounding in actuarial, supported the managing director as her strategic assistant and have sat as part of the municipal leadership team for 4 years. Today, I'm Head of Charities and look after our health business too.

Learning about insurance

In my first few years after the graduate scheme, I took on a range of actuarial roles. It became obvious very quickly that insurance is anything but boring! The industry changes so fast. No two days are ever the same.

What stands out the most

Integrity, teamwork and a desire to make things better, and make an impact at Zurich. I love being part of a great team, meeting new people and experiencing new things. And the opportunity to support our diversity and inclusion work has been really fulfilling.

Becoming a leader

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to move into a leadership role. And right now I head up all of our insurance business with charities, social enterprises, other community groups and health trusts - making sure they benefit from a great customer experience. I lead a team with expertise spanning everything from underwriting and actuarial, to sales and marketing.

Why is insurance important?

Insurance is so engrained in our everyday lives – it amazes me how many things wouldn’t happen if we didn’t take on some of the risk for our customers. It’s so diverse and rewarding.

Advice to someone considering a career in insurance

Insurance is an exciting and dynamic industry. There is something for everyone and we probably have roles you never imagined. You’ll be part of a great community, doing work that is very rewarding. And you’ll have a lot of fun!


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