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Why Zurich?

When I was a consultant, I didn’t see the long-term benefits of my activities, and I wanted to be part of those successes. I also chose Zurich for its international atmosphere, its need for change, and the openness and collaboration of the people I met during the joining process.

And what’s your career journey?

I don’t have the typical insurance profile: I’m actually an engineer. I studied Chemical Engineering at university, and my first job was with a major international engineering conglomerate. It was there that I gained the qualifications and experience which would determine the rest of my career. I then worked as a consultant before joining Zurich. And ever since I’ve been out of my comfort zone – it’s such a positive experience!

What stands out to you?

The warm welcome I received from my colleagues and manager, and the discussions I’ve had with stakeholders. In general, there is a lot of willingness to discuss things, even if my colleagues sometimes have other ideas. In Zurich, we listen to people, including those who have a different idea about the best approach to take.

Career milestones

When I was fresh from university I commissioned and started part of a new chemical facility. I also introduced a year-on-year productivity program. I also ran my own consultancy business.

What about Zurich highlights?

When I was working on a transformation project in Singapore, I listened to the people in the business and made sure that the program would have an impact. There was also a challenging project in Brazil, through which I learned a lot about building relationships and engaging teams from different cultures. I’m still applying what I learned there today!

What does the future hold?

I plan to expand my leadership experience by leading larger teams, especially where there is a need for change and improvement. Eventually, I want to be in an operational senior leadership role.

Advice to your younger self?

One of the things my former CEO said was: “Control your own destiny, or someone else will.” So I would prioritize those tasks that make the most sense, not the ones that don’t, even if it’s hard for some people (including your boss!) to understand.

I joined as a Claims Handler and worked my way. I’ve worked in different Motor Claims teams and also spent several years as an Account Executive.

Day to day

As part of the First Response Team, I look after new claims which involves dealing with many different types of customers. I arrange repairs for the customers and allocate the claims to the correct handling teams. I’m also a referral point for other people in the team, and deliver some of their training and coaching.

How the industry is evolving

The world is always changing and that means that the industry needs to change and adapt. For example, we’re seeing lots of changes and developments in car technology – think about driverless cars. We need to constantly look at how our products and services are designed, and ask ourselves if they’re suitable. It’s great that things don’t stand still.

The most rewarding part of the job

That has to be helping customers. Often, we need to deal with people who have just been involved in an accident and they’re understandably shaken up by the experience. Being able to put them at ease, talk them through the claims process and reassure them that we’ve got control of the repairs is really rewarding.

Important qualities

Everyone needs honesty and integrity. Your colleagues and customers need to be able to trust you, and you need to do what you’ve promised to do. Also, treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Why claims is so good

It’s said that we’re the ‘shop window’ of the industry. Most people purchase insurance hoping they never have to use it. And it’s important that, in the event they need to make a claim, that we deliver fully. There’s a public perception that insurers try to get out of paying claims, but in reality we show that we’re here to help.

Any advice for new joiners?

Think about your skills and research the variety of roles available to find the area or department that best complements your skill set. When you start, ask about progression and work hard to become confident in your role before thinking about promotions or moves to other teams. Ask for extra tasks, shadow colleagues in a higher grade and build up a network of contacts. Most importantly, always deliver what you promise.


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