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Zurich Innovation Championship Regional Round

The Zurich Innovation Championship is one of the largest startup innovation competitions in the insurance industry.

Startups from around the world have jumped at the opportunity to work with Zurich Insurance as part of the Zurich Innovation Championship. The aim of the tournament is to help identify new business ideas that have the potential to transform the insurance industry, with the hope to protect the next generation for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Involved Countries and Territories


Local Winners




From 1,358 Global Submissions, 25 Country Winners were selected moving in the overall 2020 Regional Round. This is where 8 Regional Finalists of the chosen startups will go head-to-head into the Global Round. Ultimately becoming one of the top 3 Global Winners of the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020.

Country Round

Regional Round


North America
Country Winner

Country winner to be confirmed.

Country Winner

Country winner to be confirmed.

Latin America
Country Winner

DeepAgro is a committed group of scientists, engineers, and designers imagining and building a smarter future for farming.

Country Winner

PAI is an app that is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by an average of 25% through personalized exercise guidance that optimizes cardiorespiratory fitness levels.

Country Winner

Tink’s open banking platform connects you with over 2,500 European banks and institutions, providing you with enriched and categorised financial data.

Country Winner

Energía Vectorial enables oil-powered combustion cars to be converted into electric vehicles with the aim of shaping climate-friendly mobility.

Country Winner

DESCIFRA provide the intelligence of data to generate valuable insights that solve operational challenges and discover new trends and perspectives to help with better decision making.

2 regional

To be announced in June 2020

2 regional
2 regional
2 regional
Europe and Middle East
Country Winner

Riskine develops digital advisory processes for leading insurance companies and banks.

Country Winner

Data Soluce enables total collaboration across the lifecycle of real estate development and maintenance.

Country Winner

Bewica Limited is a cyber start-up which has built a modular cyber insurance quote & buy platform (broker portal & direct) as well as an SME cyber risk management platform.

Country Winner

ITUS Technologies offer fully outsourced cybersecurity solutions working with leading security vendors, providing next-gen solutions.

Country Winner

AWorld is a user-friendly application for the general public with the aim to educate all the communities on how to make small sustainable actions each day.

Country Winner
Nordics uses high-resolution satelite imagery and radar data to extract insights on tree levels on a global scale.

Country Winner

Aplanet provides easy-to-use and customizable software solutions to measure, manage, and report your organization's CSR, volunteering, and sustainability.

Country Winner

Wenalyze helps banks and insurers to better assess their clients' risks and have a deep understanding of their financial needs.

Country Winner

Mycoach helps you to transform the way you eat and exercise by providing fast, easy-to-follow exercise challenges, recipes and shopping lists.

Country Winner

Otsimo is a child-friendly application designed with the learning characteristics of children with developmental disabilities in mind.

Country Winner
UAE & Isle of Man

Trulience brings voice or text services to life by allowing you to connect high-definition digital humans and let them do the talking.

Country Winner
United Kingdom

Parametrix creates innovative parametric insurance policies focused on external software downtime, tailored to technology dependent businesses.

Asia Pacific
Country Winner

POPs is an integrated virtual care system that empowers people with diabetes to own their lives.

Country Winner
Hong Kong

Mellow is an award-winning solution for you and your kids providing debit cards for kids with a personal finance app - so they can learn to take control of their money before it's too late.

Country Winner

AtmaGo allows users to get access to user-generated posts from their neighbors about problems, solutions and opportunities in their local area.

Country Winner

Genoplan specializes in DNA testing, analyzing a user’s saliva to conduct genetic analysis and provide lifestyle advice, tailored to each user.

Country Winner

BetterTradeOff provides people with a do-it-yourself tool for exploring and understanding different financial choices and outcomes, allowing people to make better financial decisions.

Country Winner

Symbo is a comprehensive workflow automation solution built to digitise and facilitate the exchange of complex reinsurance transactions amongst cedents, reinsurers and brokers.


  • 2019 Launch date
    Sep 24, 2019

    The Zurich Innovation Championship is open for submissions.

  • 2019 Submission deadline
    Dec 17, 2019

    All applicants submit their applications to be eligible.

  • 2020 Local evaluation
    Feb 21, 2020

    Shortlisted startups evaluated by the countries they applied to. Startups expected to travel to present to the juries in person.

  • 2020 Regional evaluation
    June 2020

    Shortlisted startups from local rounds further evaluated by the regional judges. Startups expected to travel to present to the judging panel in person.

  • 2020 Pilot
    Sep 2020

    The winning startups start a pilot with their selected countries.

Country Round

icon 26 location

In January and February 2020, 26 Zurich locations worldwide hosted the first round of the Zurich Innovation Championship.

icon 150 startups

More than 150 startups were invited to Zurich offices across the globe to pitch their innovative business proposal to the Zurich country leadership teams.

icon globalwinners

The 25 Country Round winners will proceed to the Regional showdown in June 2020. Stay tuned to find out about our eight regional winners!

icon winner

By the end of summer 2020, the three global winners will be announced.

Watch the video to find out more about the Country Rounds.

See how Zurich is innovating by checking out our videos page here

Zurich Innovation Championship videos

Impressions of the Country Days

  • Portugal day team

    Team and judges for the Zurich International Championship Country Day in Portugal 2020

  • ZIC Turkey

    Put your hands up for Turkeys team and judges from the Country Day 2020

  • Indonesia country road winner

    One of the six finalists of the 2020 Indonesian Country Day Medi-Call

  • Italy road winner

    Italian Zurich International Championship Country Day 2020 Team

  • Portugal Super Day 2020

    Portugal 2020 Zurich International Championship Country Day

  • france room setup for the super day 2020

    France’s room setup for the Country Day 2020

List of last year’s winners

chisel logo
Chisel AI developed a natural language and AI processing solution that allows global insurance brokers and carriers to complete administrative and process-focused tasks up to 400-times faster than a human and with much greater accuracy.
zestai logo harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help global property/casualty insurers better assess risk by using machine learning to model catastrophic and attritional property losses with unprecedented accuracy.

About the Competition

What are the prizes?

The three winners of the Global round will partner with Zurich to bring their pilot plans to life in their chosen market or markets. The prize package comprises:

icon money

Resources to implement pilot program

icon newspaper

Exposure through press release and/or media channels

icon recognition

Recognition from Zurich Group Leadership Team


Zurich has established collaborations with the following organizations for the Zurich Innovation Championship:

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If you would like to know more about the Zurich Innovation Championship, or have any questions for our team, please contact us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it?

    The Zurich Innovation Championship is a competition for us to find startups and entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas to collaborate with us in bringing compelling products or services to our retail and commercial customers.

  • When can I apply?

    Applications for the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020 closed on 17 December 2019 at 11pm CET.

    However, as we are sure that there are many more groundbreaking ideas out there, keep your eyes open for one of the next innovation challenges.

  • How many rounds are there?

    There are three rounds: country, regional and global. The overall winners of the country-level competitions will be selected in January 2020 and will go on to our regional rounds in Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America and Europe and Middle East. The overall winners of the regional round, to be selected in June 2020, will then take part in a final, global round, taking place in August 2020.

  • What will I need to do in each round?

    You will to present your product or service that we could pilot in one of our participating countries. In the country round we want you to demonstrate how relevant your product or service is to the local market, and how you differentiate from competitors. In the regional round we would like you to further demonstrate business impact to the region and the value to customers. In the group round, we will be looking for evidence that the idea could scale globally and sustainably.

  • Who picks the winners?

    Winners will be chosen by juries of Zurich subject matter experts, innovation leaders, and senior business executives. In regional and global round external experts may be invited to join the jury.

  • When will the winners be announced?

    The global round winners will be announced by the end of August 2020. Winners are subject to due diligence.

  • What are the prizes?

    You will be benefitting from working with a global leader with millions of customers in several ways: The gold, silver and bronze winners of the global round will receive significant financial and other resources to implement pilots in the country of their choice, exposure through our various communications channels and recognition from the Zurich Group Leadership Team. Country and Regional round winners will receive prizes determined by each respective country or region.

  • Who will pay my travel costs during the competition?

    For startups that reach the Global round, Zurich covers flight (economy class) and accommodation for up to two external people per startup For other occurring costs, please liaise directly with the local teams.

  • I applied for the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020. Who owns the intellectual property around the pilot submission?

    Startups will retain the IP for the own products and services. If the startup later collaborates with Zurich to co-develop new products or services with Zurich resources, a separate discussion around IP will take place.

  • I applied for the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020. What will happen to my business plan submission?

    Confidentiality agreements will be established between Zurich and startups that enter the competition. After the competition, Zurich will retain the submissions from startups as a pipeline of innovation, and may contact startups for future collaboration opportunities, regardless of whether they win the global final prize.

  • How do you define ‘pilot’?

    A pilot is the implementation of a small-scale program with predefined hypothesis. The aim is to validate that the products or services offered by startups can add value to Zurich customers. Pilots are a precursor to the official launch of new products or services and their potential rollout regionally or globally.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


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